I Personally Do Everything For You!


I Market You Like A Million Dollar Investment



When I sold multi-million dollar investment properties on the internet, I knew that in order to obtain the best price possible I had to search everywhere conceivable to locate the best buyer available.

In this case, I do the same for you, except I help you find your best love match from nearly all the possibilities.  I prepare, package and present you in the best way possible to the most qualified love matches available; then I show you the best way to find, meet and connect with your ultimate perfect partner.

This 6 month program includes:


1. A Personal Dating Evaluation analysis

2. The Mate Attraction Program Software © 

3.  Your professional dating profile on over 10 of the best dating sites

4.  8 half-hour Consultations – and so much more 

5.  I personally set up everything for you. I show you how to use the software and I’ll be your wingman every step of the way.

You will now have the ability to reach out and find your best love match available from literally thousands of the most qualified prospects!

I personally and professionally market you like a multi-million dollar investment on several of the best dating sites suited to your search criteria.  Plus I'll guide you and be your wingman every step of the way.

All you do is:

  1. Fill out a simple questionnaire.
  2. Provide me with a few dating profile photos (which I'll coach you on how to take them)
  3. I'll set up your private email account to be used exclusively for dating
  4. I'll personally create your professional dating profile
  5. I will populate your dating profiles on several of  the best dating sites suited to your needs
  6. I'll show you how to filter through all your potential dates so you can meet your best match available.

Within a few days you'll be searching through a catalogue of literally dozens of quality singles ideally suited for you so you can start dating within a week or two.


I will then show you how to sort through potential matches discarding the worst and saving the best.  The software helps you do this. I'll show you the best ways to send and reply to messages, how to flirt online and offline and how to connect with those you're most interested in.  The software also helps you to rate, organize and keep track of all your prospects!

The more options you have, the more selective you can be and the faster you'll be able to select and connect with your ultimate love match.

Imagine having this team of professionals
helping you to find your best love match:



All rolled into one dynamic relationship mentor…

Here’s what you get in this package:

  1. I set up your private e-mail dating account – this is used exclusively for dating purposes only. It’s a repository for receiving inquiries and sending messages to all your potential dates.
  1. I create your unique RockStar dating profile (Relationship Resume):
    • I create your unique and fascinating username
    • I create your bold and captivating headline
    • I create your sizzling and magnetic profile
    • I create and choose the best photos for your profile
    • I create the best captions for your photos designed to elicit the most responses
  1. I give you access to the MAP software which:
    • Assesses your dating skill strength and weaknesses to assist in coaching
    • Rates you in the dating marketplace based on all your assets
    • Rates your dates percentage wise compared to the prototype profile you created
    • Provides a database for your potential dates to keep them organized
    • Gives you access to the Dating Website search engine tool
  1. I provide weekly coaching to help you and show you how to:
        • Use the software so you can narrowly define your perfect partner,  increase your opportunities and manage all your options
        • Sort through your options so you can select the best from the rest
        • Respond to those who want to meet you so you can keep them interested
        • Search and contact those you’re interested in so you can double and triple your prospects
        • Create attraction and interest online and offline when I show you techniques to significantly increase the quantity and quality of those wanting to know you
        • Flirt online and offline so you can master this fun and exciting art of attraction
        • Prepare for your first encounter so you can make the best first impression
        • Practice and use your body language so you can become more attractive and appealing to the person you want to impress
        • How to connect on your first date so you can assure that they will want to see you again
        • How to keep them interested in you if you want to forge that long term relationship

And so much more! I’ll help you any way I can to
meet and connect with your best match available.

In no time, I’ll show you how to start flirting with more singles wanting to meet you than at any time in your life!  You will double and triple your prospects when you start contacting others you have an interest in.

My software program helps you to create your perfect prototype partner profile and then it helps you to compare your dates to each other as well as the prototype partner you created.  It also manages and keeps all of your potential mates organized.

It includes:

  1. Questionnaire  evaluation and analysis
          • You complete my questionnaire which helps me to analyze your dating strengths and weaknesses so we know what to work on
          • The questionnaire also provides the information you'll use to construct your professional dating profile, username, headline and captions.
          • I'll provide you with and walk you through my proprietary software which allows  you to create your perfect prototype partner profile – so you can narrowly define the type of person you desire
  2. Consultations - 12 half hour consultations – schedule and use as necessary – We can talk over the telephone or preferably on a video call over Skype or Google hangouts
          • We will establish a game plan by determining what type of mate and relationship you’re looking for, what sites to go on, and how the online dating game works
          • I’ll review your body language, voice tonality, subconscious dating habits, approaching and flirting sense, image and style
          • I’ll teach you how to send and reply to emails that get results
  3. E-mail setup – I will create an e-mail address to be used exclusively for all of your dating emails and communications
  4. Username creation -I will create for you a clever username for all your profiles
  5. Profile Creation -I will create for you an irresistible magnetic profile based on your questionnaire
  6. Photo Consultation – I will teach you how to take the best photos, and select the best ones to use for your profile
  7. Caption Creation – I will create for you clever captions to use under your photos – This is where you'll get the most responses.
  8. Dating website search engine – I'll share access to a  dating website search engine to help you decide the best sites to  market yourself on
  9. Software program – This also includes my copyrighted software program which helps you to create your perfect prototype partner profile, score and rate your dates, organize and manage all of them so you can select the best from the rest.
  10. First Date Assistance – When you're ready for your first date, I show you step by step how to make the best first impression when you meet your date.  I’m your wingman, and it’s almost like I’m whispering in your ear to show you what to say and how to make your date notice how interesting and attractive you really are.

I want you to be successful, and I'll do everything I can to help you select and connect with your best love match available.  It only makes sense that the more options you have, the more selective you can be, plus you'll be able to find your best match available in the shortest time possible – especially when you know how to play the game! It’s only logical….

Important – If for any reason you're unable to order online or there is a glitch – please call 760-578-8480 immediately to report any problems with the website or ordering, and we’ll get back as soon as possible.

I Market You LIke a Million Dollar Investment
$1595One payment of $1595
  • 10 or more Dating Website Fees are extra - approximately $300 to $450 for 6 months.
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I Market You LIke a Million Dollar Investment
$16653 monthly installments of $555
  • 10 or more Dating Website Fees are extra - approximately $300 to $450 for 6 months.
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Complete questionnaire
Select type of communication
Phone, Skype, Google Hangouts
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