What you need to know
before you start dating…

When we go searching for our perfect partner, we need to go to the Interpersonal Marketplace, better known as the ‘Dating Marketplace’ to find them. The Interpersonal Marketplace reasons that who we match up and connect with greatly depends on how much we think we have to offer and how much we think we can ‘buy’ with it.

An example of this concept is the “Exchange Theory,” which basically means “exchanging” one of your desirable traits for another desirable trait you seek in the other person. For instance, past generalizations were that a woman’s worth may be based on beauty while a man’s worth may be based on success.

The Amorado Axiom states:

“The total value of qualities you possess,

Determines the quality of person you’ll caress.”

The First Way to Increase Your Value in the Dating Marketplace

hauling_arrow_up_graph_anim_300_wht_13071The Mate Acquisition Program shows you several ways in which to increase your value in the marketplace – one way is by becoming more desirable.

Becoming more desirable gives you more to exchange. The software in the program reveals and provides solutions to the areas you can improve on and shows you how to capitalize on the strengths you have when you begin marketing yourself.

The Second Way to Increase Your Value in the Dating Marketplace

The second way is to create more demand by creating as much positive exposure as possible when you start marketing your best image on as many quality dating sites as possible – this gives you more options and makes it easier and quicker to find your best love match.

I realize that many may be offended and some will even accuse me of being unromantic by comparing the laws of the economic marketplace with the pursuit of Love and Romance – but we would be foolish to ignore the reality of the obvious similarities. After all, I did say this is revolutionary, and understanding this concept can definitely be used to give you an advantage over others.

love_magnet_400_clr_12552Comparisons To The Economic Marketplace

Whether you’re marketing a million dollar home or yourself, both are subject to the laws of basic economics – supply and demand. The better you market yourself, the more candidates you’re able to qualify in a shorter time period, and therefore the more selective you can become. It’s that simple.

I designed this program to get results and not sugar coat reality. Some of the questions you will be answering in this process may be uncomfortable and recall unpleasant memories. However, you will soon discover by being as honest and forthcoming as possible, you’ll anticipate challenges before they occur and you’ll benefit because you’ll be ready with the solutions you’re now prepared to use.

Your Value in the Dating Marketplace

stick_figures_scale_300_clr_6319Everyone has a subjective value in the Interpersonal Dating Marketplace based upon our own preferences and desirable traits and characteristics that we seek in other companions.

I’ve created a system that calculates your generic value in the Marketplace to approximate your “trade” rate within your peer group. Knowing this value is important because it can show you those areas you need to improve to increase your value as well as become more realistic in your search.


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